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Estee: Taste, Nutrition and Quality; Trusted for over 50 years.

Estee Pledge

Estee was the first company to offer sugar free products in the United States.

For over 60 years, Estee has remained committed to making superior-tasting and nutritionally appropriate foods for consumers managing diabetes as well as low sugar diets. Consumers have trusted the Estee brand to provide great tasting, sugar free and fructose sweetened chocolates, candies, snack bars and condiments.

Continuing that tradition, we created Estee Smart Treats, the first product line in the United States that is sugar free and reduced in fat or completely fat free!

But we didn’t stop there! Our newest offering Estee LOW-G™! are products that have a Glycemic Index (GI) of less than 55 (see chart). Foods with low (GI) ratings are digested slowly while gradually increasing blood sugar and insulin levels. Therefore consumers feel full longer and as a result are able to better manage food intake. LOW-G products are innovative in that they are infused with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and taste great while maintain a low GI!

Food Rating
GI Rating
High GI70 or higher
Intermediate GI56-69
Low GI0-55

Estee Sub-brands

Estee logo Estee Classic
  • Sugar Free
  • No Sugar Added
Estee Smart Treats logo Estee Smart Treats
  • Fat Free
  • Reduced Fat
  • Low Fat

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